Fake Spring

I am dreaming of a Spring day, but the incessant rain and gale force wind have other ideas. So I have compiled a selection of items to enable me to have a Fake Spring. Yes! 

Firstly shoes and handbags with bold bright spring colours, the weather outside may not reflect this, but your shoes don’t know that. Nail colours, I love to paint my nails different colours to reflect my moods, (completely solid as I am not as advanced in the technique or have the patience like other nail whizz women)  Some coconut? Why not… one of my favourite smells, and everytime I use it I feel like I am on an exotic island sipping cocktails and bathing in the sun… On that note, BATHS, already known to be one of my favourite things, who needs the warmth of the sun, when you have the warmth of your bath? Okay, maybe it’s not quite the same, but a good warm bath to soothe the aching muscles is a great alternative (aching muscles at 24? I need to work out more), Lastly fruit, funnily enough I actually don’t like fruit, but on the odd occasion that I do eat it, it always makes me think of an African summer when it is too hot to have an appetite and it’s best just eating fruit and swimming in your pool all day! Join me on my fake Spring day, because we can do anything! 



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