Book Affair

As much as I love the technological era, and rely upon it. With my love for multiple social media sites and to be able to keep in touch with people all over the world- my boyfriend is in South Africa at the moment and I think I’d be lost without the use of the internet…
Back to the point, as much as I love technology there is nothing better than a good book. Forget kindles, and whatever other online media materials there may be. I love the smell of a book, old or new, I love the feel of it in my hand, I love visiting charity stores, flea markets you name it and spending hours finding once forgotten books to love again .

I have just finished A Falcon Flies by Wilbur Smith, published 8 years before I was even born and rescued from a charity store. Upon completion of this story, I am filled with a small sense of loss. 😦

Any suggestions for a new read?


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