4 thoughts on “Beast

  1. Amazing:) did you know that they fashion shoot birds get one of their wings cut a few cm so they don’t fly away:((sad but saw it at a shoot:/ but the pictures are amazing After:)) b.

    • What! That is absolutely awful 😦 The pictures are amazing, but that leaves such a sour note 😦 thanks for sharing x

      • Yes I know:( they want to have great pictures where we can see their wings but without them flying away! It was so sad because he wanted to fly to his wife but he couldn’t:( but actually the Trainer was very nice and would never seperate them:) the birds were in Love hihi

      • Awww! I have a personal hate for birds in captivity, I find it so sad, like all free things they and we are meant to be free. BUT atleast they were being well handled and treated well. Cutest yet saddest story x

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