7 thoughts on “Garden Geisha

    • Really? That’s awesome! Very brave, I’m not sure I could pull off blue, I’ve still got a pink hair dye sitting in my room that I never had the courage to do 😛

      • just do it, people might be like; what have you done, bloody hell, but it’s awesome (: i’ve also had purple, pink, red and green, i’ll dye my hair pink or purple again in june.. my hair is a bit bad right now, but just do it it’s awesome !! (:

      • I would except its taken me so long to get it platinum blonde, I’m worried about how long it will take to get it back 😛 haha! And I really wish I was as brave as you, I always think it looks so awesome. Such an expression of individuality and creativity, but alas, I will have to remain blonde, or brunette if I’m being racy 😉 haha!

      • haha (: manic panic, stargazer and directions all remain bright untill 5 times of washing it. but it takes ages before it all faded out and it’s real blonde again, but direction and manic panic classic stay the longest.

      • Thanks for the tips, I will be sure to post some images if I ever decide to take the plunge 🙂

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