Think about it

Think about it

I really think, that as a whole humans tend to take life for granted. The fact that we are even alive is a miracle, I’m not talking about the godly kind as everyone has their own beliefs, but genetically the chances of us being formed is one in billions (supply me with exact figure if you can) each day is truly a gift. To wake up in the morning and drink that first cup of coffee, to see the sunlight shining through the windows, to hear the sound of birds chirping in the distance, the taste of those strawberries in your morning cereal, the embrace of your mom, dad, sisters, boyfriend or girlfriend. There is not a single day I am not grateful to be alive, I have had my share of “downers” as we all have, positivity is not always easy to maintain, but you need only find a single beautiful thing in your life however simple it may be, to realize you are a miracle. And each day you walk the Earth, is something to be positive about. ❤

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