Amazing how much we rely on technology and how sad we get when it malfunctions or we happen to break it. I just tried to charge my phone and it ended up slipping out of my hands and falling to the floor, and the screen is no more 😦 I can hear my messages coming through but there’s no way I can access them, sadness. What did they do in the olden days? I think that there must have been much better time management and communication because right now I’m dying a little inside that I cant constantly speak to my boyfriend (whose currently in South Africa) maybe this can be romantic, letters… okay maybe emails. Have a great Sunday everyone

2 thoughts on “CRACK

  1. Great post! I defo think the little brick phones were a lot more reliable than they are nowadays, shame iPhones break so quick!

    • Thank you so much for the comment, it made me giggle reading someone else referring to phones as bricks. They most definitely are more reliable, I remember dropping my old blackberry countless times, and unfortunately he has come back to haunt me as that is currently what I am using again (broken to pieces) xxx

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