Different is beautiful, and don’t ever let anyone tell you otherwise.

Different is beautiful, and don't ever let anyone tell you otherwise.

I like to check out other peoples blogs, there is always something interesting, strange and inspiring out there. However today I came across a post made by a teenage girl, telling a story of how she hates herself, how ugly she thinks she is and how she can’t bare to be without makeup (the story goes on) this makes me truly sad. The fact that women (and men) feel such pressure from society to look a certain way and that any variation of that is unacceptable is saddening. Sure I have felt depressed before, I have felt many negative emotions but I strongly believe that we are defined by our outlook on life, our differences, our experiences, it may sound like the biggest cliche in the book but being different is beautiful too! Your body is unique, it is your story board and each imperfection, each scar, each freckle tells your story and your story alone, there are no duplicates… Whilst it is always admirable to want to better yourself, being happy with who you are as a person is more important that many things. If no one reads this then it is just another page to my notebook or if just one person happens to and for even a second feels better about themselves then that is moving, because together we can erase what is now considered the norm and replace it with free thought, love and acceptance.

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