Amazing image by Lita Bosch is my evening inspiration, however onto on other inspirations, today marks a year in a relationship with the most amazing person I know. I am not one to ever make public posts of affection, I am not one of those people who sends Facebook wall posts declaring my love and I do not EVER make gushy status updates. Except, not ever, because today I will make such a statement — this is the my public space. I love you Matthew (you will never see this because I do not let you read my blog) BUT you are my best friend in the world and I would be lost without you ❤

One thought on “A SOPPY BLOG POST

  1. Nice. Remember to tell the good people in your life, that you love them, while you are able to do that. One day you can’t, then it is too late. I know by experience. Have a nice day.

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